Azawakh bark collar


Males: 64-74 cm

Females: 60-70 cm


Males: 20-25 kg

Females: 15-20 kg


Azawakh comes from countries of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, refers to a group of eastern fleet. In Africa, Azawakh lives next to the tribes of nomads and is a half-savage dog. As the other dog is not there, the nomads used Azawakh for hunting and protection. breed a dog can chase prey more than 5 hours, sometimes reaching speeds of over 60 km / h Dog does not kill the prey, and gnaws her tendons and keeps coming up to the host.

Citronella collar reviews. Currently, the Azawakh is popular all around the world as a sporting and family dog. This slender and graceful dog possessing a balanced behavior, but it may prove willfulness. To the owner of the Azawakh is with kindness and tenderness and waiting for the same attitude. You can not be cruel or rude towards this dog, otherwise the Azawakh is fearful and timid. This dog needs some active employment, so that she could throw all their energy. You can use this to greyhound racing or to take a hiking. For Azawakh journey with a host of great joy.

The breed standard FCI № 307:

Head / face. A long, narrow, thin, with clean lines, well-delineated. The skull is almost flat, rather long. Well marked occipital protuberance. The transition from forehead to muzzle is not very pronounced. The muzzle is long and straight. Jaws long and strong. The nose is black or brown.

Eyes. Quite big, almond shape. Brown or amber color. Pigmented eyelids.

Ears. Set high, thin, hanging close to the head. It is never the ears of the "Rose".

The torso / body. Sufficient bony, square format. The neck is long, lean, muscular, slightly arched, without dewlap. Withers well defined. Breast long, deep, not too wide. Back short and straight. The loin is short, clear lines and slightly arched. Protruding hip bones are located just above the withers. The croup is gently rounded, but not steep. Abdomen tucked up noticeably.

Limb. Long, with clear bent. Paws are rounded, with thin fingers tightly assembled.

Tail (gon). Inserted low, long, slender, tapering towards the end. In repose hanging down, the end of the tail slightly raised. In motion can be held above the back line.Citronella collar

The coat (psovina). Wool taut, thin, belly - a rare (or even completely absent).

Color. Deer (yellowish-brown) with a small number of spots on the limbs. Allowed any shades (from light to dark sand deer), black mask on his head, and uneven white blaze (blaze). White chest and tail tip. Wanted white stockings on the legs (or at least the white spots on the feet). Allowed black and brindle.